Hauling Services

Digging & Rigging, Inc. maintains a fleet of over the road as well as off-road vehicles and trailers to match your hauling requirements. Our trailers range in capacities from 35 tons to 300 tons.

With new additions to our fleet, we are equipped to handle even your most difficult transportation needs safely and efficiently. If you are limited on space, our Faymonville ModuleMAX trailer allows us to transport on site without a truck pulling the load. The user-friendly Faymonville HighwayMAX excels thanks to its outstanding maneuverability and fast mobilization. The king-pin steering and the use of hydraulic pendle-axles with a steering angle of up to 60° let the trailer follow the truck ideally around the tightest corners. The user also has the option to override the steering manually using either a cable or wireless remote control. The Faymonville MegaMax is a low double-drop trailer which makes it the ideal solution for extremely high and bulky goods, such as industrial components, machinery or oversized containers and crates. Its king-pin steering with override remote control is a unique feature. Its unmatched maneuverability allows access into extremely tight areas. We off this trailer with a unique steerable fourth pin-on flip axle. This option helps to increase the legal payload and to ensure even more versatility going from state to state.

  • Faymonville ModuleMAX, up to 13 axle lines (gooseneck, draw bar, and self propelled options)
  • 65 ton, up to 8 axle lowboy trailer or transformer pan
  • 150 ton lowboy trailer
  • 50 ton 2/3/4-axle lowboy
  • 35 ton tandem lowboy
  • Double drop-deck
  • 48′ flatbed
  • 45′ drop-deck
  • Rollback trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Stake body trucks