Heavy Hauling

Our fleet includes technologically advanced trailers to accommodate even the tightest hauling constraints. 

Western Star 4900SB and Faymonville MegaMAX

Hauling Shelter

Faymonville ModuleMAX Trailer

Relocating Ship Engine

Western Star 4900FA and Faymonville ModuleMAX

Hauling Transformer

Kenworth T880 and Faymonville MegaMAX Trailer

Hauling Tank

Kenworth W900 Tractor

Transporting Transformer

Faymonville ModuleMAX Trailer

Hauling Mezzanine

Faymonville ModuleMAX Trailer

Relocation of Steel Caissons

CAT CT680L Tractor

Transporting Electrical Breakers

Kenworth W900 Tractor with Faymoville HighwayMAX

Relocation of a Bulk Silo

Famonville MegaMAX Trailer

Transporting Grain Dryer

Military Truck

Transporting Leopold Railroad Gun

International 9300 Tractor

Transporting Police Helicopter

Kenworth T880 Tractor

Transporting Excavator

Faymoville ModuleMAX Trailer

Transporting 300,000 lb. Gear Box

Kenworth W900 Tractor

Transporting 100,000lb Transformer

Kenworth W900 Tractor

Transporting Shelter

Mack CH613 Tractor

Chiller Install for Howard University Hopital

Kenworth W900 Tractor

Hauling Detonation Chamber